Our Vision

Our vision at SDA SE Open Industry Solutions is to empower you to create solutions for your customers in real time.

We help you to attain a data-based understanding of your customers and co-create directly with them. You can integrate valuable external resources and create a dynamic system for effective co-production with your partners – and leverage the hidden knowledge and resources of your enterprise.

An „Service Dominant Architecture“ (SDA) enables you to integrate and orchestrate various resources (processes, data, applications, functions, etc.) into agile, flexible, and collaborative services in real time. That’s how we empower you to create standardized, value-creating experiences for your customers.

Count on us to help you achieve the following targets:

1. Accelerate your capabilities to respond in all customer-centric areas, and thereby gain a decisive headstart of knowledge in all relevant situations.

2. Cultivate your contacts with customers and partners, and achieve useful interaction to help boost the potential of your collaboration and co-creation effort.

3. Utilize the data and behavior of your customers to better understand them.

4. Create a network to easily integrate your partners and other external service providers, by combining resources as you wish to develop innovative services.

The 4 elements of our vision

Customer orientation

  • Empower to interact in real time
  • Generate valuable service experiences and outcomes
  • Create impulses for sales

Grow your expertise

  • Integrate valuable resources and external partners
    • GPS
    • Artificial Intelligence

Trim complexity

  • Set up a two-speed architecture, fit for the future
  • Decouple legacy systems
  • Standardize and automate processes

Cut costs

  • Get rid of licensed software and products
  • Introduce open source and open standard models