Our Solutions

SDA SE’s open industry solutions are based on a „Service Dominant architecture“ (SDA), which facilitates ongoing, preferred integration of various resources, processes, and other elements.

Our solutions are based on three interacting service systems embedded in the system of engagement.


Real-time platform

The SDA’s core serves as the real-time platform. This makes it feasible to link the desired data sources and applications and embed them in a common service system. Modern technologies and approaches like microservices and Docker containers enable easy integration of all necessary parts into SDA SE’s real-time platform. Hence, at SDA SE we support targeted development of comprehensive eco-systems that enable special experiences and outcomes for all partners and customers.

Real-time customer app

SDA SE delivers solutions for real-time operation of customer apps. Collection, analysis, bundling, and delivery of customer-specific information is orchestrated and executed within the SDA.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with master data, contractual information, doctors’ appointments, or medication plans, the SDA’s open architecture allows you to provide real-time information to customers by integrating your systems and those of your partners. Outcome: customers benefit from minimal response times and you benefit from high customer satisfaction.

Service Systems

System of Operant Resources

Operant resources, like knowledge or special capabilities, form the foundation of a SDA. The system of operant resources serves as a platform in which human, technical, organizational, or relationship-driven resources are integrated and can be processed with the aid of defined logics and processes.

System of Interaction

Bidirectional interaction with the customer forms the second pillar of the SDA. The conditions for an interactive and standardized customer experience are created in the system of interaction. This means that all communication channels are designed uniformly and linked to the SDA. Such deep integration of interaction in the SDA permits conscious data inputs and collection of information on the customer’s behavioral patterns, and its application to customize the respective solution. Over the long-term, the collected information is analyzed and aggregated into sound knowledge that allows constant improvement of services.

System of Participation

In order to create unique and value-creating customer experiences, it is often beneficial to integrate other partners. The SDA allows third-party partners to be integrated into the system of participation, making it feasible to apply valuable external resources and capabilities for generating services.

Data Lake

Valuable customer experiences can be generated only from customer knowledge, which makes it necessary to first use the data on hand in the enterprise. For comprehensive and timely use of such information, it must be available as complete, dispositive data.
The SDA allows stepwise building up of dispositive databases, which can then be analyzed and used, independent of operations.

SDA facilitates digital readiness

Our SDA SE solutions help you to achieve digital readiness. A SDA helps you to master future challenges on all facets of digital transformation, which allows you to make your business interactive and utilize the opportunities and potential inherent in co-creation and co-production. We will empower you to integrate your customers and partners into an interactive system that enables higher concentration of resources and flexibility. Our solutions permit you to generate services in real time and offer your customers valuable experiences.

The SDA makes it possible to tie the flexibility and speed of modern architectures with the stability of your legacy world. As such, you can access the entire know-how from prior years and utilize the broad potential of your IT systems through enhanced modern technologies.