Paper on Service Dominant Architecture at the RESER 2016 Conference in Naples

The RESER Conference was held from September 8–10, 2016 in Naples (Italy). Prof. Dr. Peter Weiß, a Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Law at the University of Pforzheim, Germany, presented the paper, “Service-Dominant Architecture based on S-D logic for Mastering Digital Transformation: The Case of an Insurance Company”, authored by Prof. Dr. Markus Warg, Prof. Dr. Peter Weiß, Dr. Ronald Engel, and Dr. Andreas Zolnowski. The paper addressed the conceptual foundation of a SDA and its application at a German insurance company.


Digitalization and digital transformation requires dramatic change of the enterprise information systems. Today, digitization and related technology trends promise new opportunities but imposes as well certain threat for many businesses. Majority of traditional companies still lacks clear digital strategy because struggling with thorough understanding of the phenomenon digitization. S-D logic provides clarification and explanation concerning the strategic implications of and working mechanisms behind digitally enabled business models and offerings. The paper conceptualizes a service architecture, here defined as Service Dominated Architecture (SDA), because its central purpose is to mobilize resources necessary for service-dominated, customer-centric solutions. The case of insurance companies serves as explorative case and hands-on example as it illustrates how companies can transform their businesses to enable novel value propositions.

The RESER Conference is run by The European Association for REsearch on SERvices (RESER), a European network of diverse research groups and individuals working on services research.