Trust. Dependability. Quality. That’s what SIGNAL IDUNA stands for. For over a century, we have been providing people with high-grade insurance policies, savings plans, and financial products over their lifetimes. Many enterprises are also committed customers of SIGNAL IDUNA, your solid partner, who unifies the best of insurance policies and finance.

From people to people: create a future with real values. This sentence embodies the essence of our century-old tradition. At SIGNAL IDUNA, our task is to be your partner for generations, providing comprehensible and need-based products and services. Regardless of how big we are or become – we do not lose sight of the key element – you, the individual.

We offer every kind of policy that you can dream of. Moreover, we have enhanced our portfolio with a financial services unit that includes a private bank, a building and loan association, an investment company, and an asset management company.


msg is an independent, group company with over 6,000 employees worldwide. We offer a full range of services marked by resourceful, strategic advice and intelligent, long-lasting, value-adding IT solutions. We have earned an excellent reputation as a specialist in over 35 years with our involvement in the following sectors: automotive, banking, food, insurance, life science & healthcare, public sector, telecommunications & media, travel & logistics, and utilities.

Our independent group companies address the diverse issues relevant in the various sectors – with msg systems ag serving as the core of the corporate group. msg interacts closely with the group companies on both technical and organizational fronts. Consequently, we bundle all the expertise, experience, and know-how in all group companies into a comprehensive portfolio of services that adds measurable value for customers.



IBM Deutschland GmbH

IBM is supporting enterprises of all sizes harness digitalisation opportunities and develop new business models to accelerate their digital transformation by focusing on five main growth initiatives; Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Enterprise, Social Business & Security. These key strategic areas form the foundation of IBM, both in terms of its growing solutions portfolio and as key drivers in its own business transformation into the leading Cognitive Solutions and Cloud Platform Provider.

Scientific Network

Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann

Tilo Böhmann is head of department, Department of Informatics of the Universität Hamburg, and leads the research group on IT Management and Consulting (ITMC) at the Department of Informatics. His research interests focus on Service Systems Engineering, IT ,anagement and innovative digital services and service business models.

Further information

Prof. Dr. Markus Warg

Markus Warg is professor for Leadership, Service Design & Risk Management at FH Wedel - University of Applied Sciences. His research interests focus Service Systems, Leadership, Finance and Risk Management.

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