About us

SDA SE - about us

SDA SE Open Industry Solutions is a joint venture of the msg Group and the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, in cooperation with IBM Deutschland GmbH. Our joint venture is a catalyst for digital transformation of the financial and insurance sectors, providing custom solutions to meet both current and future customer requirements and challenges. We use our comprehensive capabilities and expertise to apply a SDA to empower you to understand your customers better each day, and be able to offer them ever better experiences.

We strive to achieve the best for you and your customers – by pursuing a comprehensive concept design that is strictly service oriented. You can thus bank on us to deliver individual and total solutions that empower you to interlock closely with the end user and learn continuously.

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Markus Warg, Chair, Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Markus Warg invented the Service Dominant Architecture and founded SDA SE Open Industry Solutions. His passionate work for many years now on the future vision of a digitalized insurance sector has also been the catalyst that triggered the founding of SDA SE.

Jens Stäcker, Deputy Chair, Board of Directors

With his extensive experience in the insurance sector, Jens recognized the major potential behind a SDA early on. He co-founded SDA SE with Markus Warg to further digitalization of the insurance sector.

Managing directors

SDA SE’s operating business is run by three managing directors, who lead the company, define the guidelines of its activities, and monitor their execution.

The managing directors are:

Stephan Hans as Chief Business Development Officer is taking care of Services Development, Strategy and Organisation

Boris Meeder as CSO is running Sales, Marketing and Legal Affairs

Ralf Steinmeister leads as CFO the Finance department, Investor relations and Partnerships


SDA SE Open Industry Solutions is supported by three investors. These are:

SIGNAL IDUNA Gruppe (Shareholder)

msg-Unternehmensgruppe (Shareholder)

IBM Deutschland GmbH (Partner)