Digital Transformation

A focus on the customer

Digitization and, almost, unlimited data growth go hand in hand. Companies that understand to learn from these data will be crucial steps ahead. Our solutions help you to make these steps.

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A Building Block of Digital Transformation

Markus Warg, Ronald Engel

This article outlines the foundations and structure of the Service-Dominant Architecture, which enables a standardized design and constrction of customer-centric solutions...

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S-D logic for Mastering Digital Transformation

Markus Warg, Peter Weiß, Ronald Engel, Andreas Zolnowski

Digitalization and digital transformation requires dramatic change of the enterprise IT. New technology trends promise new opportunities. Employees, business partners ...

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Mastering the digital Transformation

Markus Warg, Peter Weiß, Ronald Engel

Industrial and service industries in Germany are in a state of upheaval. Long-term trends such as the digitization and the increased occurrence of ...

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